Rad Ropes Online – Blooming Summer 2021

Rad Ropes Online – Blooming Summer 2021
a tying event for genderqueers, non-binaries, trans* and inter* people, lesbians and womyn* (Kinbaku/Shibari/Bondage/the rope thing)

We skipped spring preparing the summer bloom. Our hands are still dirty, but the seeds are seeded. We are so happy to announce a summer and hearts full of blooming ropes and tying joy. Come, bring your rope flowers. Come, look at our rope flowers. Come, pick up your new rope flowers. You all, curious about knots, eager to learn tying or fumbling with ropes already, lets be together on the screen with the sunshine of our hearts to share some practise and some words. Knotting ropes and untangling hearts.
Be most welcome. And invite your friend of course. These are non-sexual events without nudity.

Please register by email to maximise the control of the online room
Monday 24th may 2021, 4-7pm, Berlin time
Wednesday, 16st june 2021, 7-10pm, Berlin time
Thursday, 15th july 2021, 7-10pm, Berlin time

(extra dates beginner lesson: sundays 27th june+25th july, 4-7pm, different conditions, see own invitation on blog)
There might be spontanous meetings in the sunshine in the park in Berlin. Check blog or telegram group for that information.

all events are single units, they don‘t built on each other. we ll start and close each of it together though, so they are not drop in and out events. but we prefer you coming late instead of not at all.
if you have any questions or want to be in contact before the event or need anything else to be able to come, you are very welcome to write an email!
the space: the cute little window on our screens
donation: 1-5 Euro (or more).
please read our general invitation on the website as well: radropes.blogsport.de
write to us here: ropes at riseup.net

We cant wait to have you with us!

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