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Open Hearts, Masked Ropes – Rad Ropes Second Half 2020

Open Hearts, Masked Ropes –
Rad Ropes Second Half 2020

a tying event for genderqueers, non-binaries, trans* and inter* people, lesbians and womyn*

Holding the memory of the sun (and the ropes) on our skin, carrying us safe and sheltered into the darker, colder period of the year. We can look inside with ropes outside on our bodies.
Come if you want to watch knots curiously, if you want to try tying stumbling, if you want to play, expand and share ropes happily with what you already know.
We‘ll have open events for the rest of the year, making the schedule together with who attends. These are non-sexual events without nudity.

You need to register by email, spaces are limited to 12 people and we are all wearing masks.

saterday, 3rd october 2020, 2-5pm
monday 12th october 2020, 7-10pm
sunday, 18th october 2020, 2-5pm
tuesday 3rd november 2020, 7-10pm
CHANGED TO sunday, 15th november 2020, 2-5pm
thursday 26th november 2020, 7-10pm
CHANGED TO saterday, 5th december 2020, 3-6pm
monday, 14th december 2020, 7-10pm

all events are single units, they don‘t built on each other.
we ll start and close each of it together though, so they are not drop in and out events. but we prefer you coming late instead of not at all.

if you have any questions or want to meet a little earlier or need anything else to be able to come, you are very welcome to write an email!

the space: the f.a.q. Infoshop in Neukölln, Jonasstr. 40, 12053 Berlin, U8 Leinestrasse. it’s a ground floor, there is a ramp for the one stair and a wheel chair accessible toilet.
donation based 1-5 Euro (or more).
please read our general invitation on the website as well:
write to us here: ropes at

We cant wait to have you here!