Collective Love and Care

hi dear rad ropers,

i am so sorry i write to you so late. i hope you all are still out there with rope love.

i am still out there working in the social field and also trying to care for myself with less (to no) collective spaces

and also – big grieving tears – less (to no) shared rope.

sometimes it works. sometimes its hard. sometimes its impossible. sometimes it works.

and as always with crises, there is so much to learn about myself, the collective and society.

the first rad ropes event of this announced three months block was meant to take place the first day of the new regulations

around events in berlin and i guess the first week the virus really changed peoples behaviour in public, with friends and at work.

i was there in the faq waiting to see if people would come. i made a cozy fire. maybe to talk together about whats going on

and to see how everybody feels about rad roping in the coming weeks. maybe i was not clear myself. no one came.

(for the insiders: olga was there as the only person she wrote me before to come back after a year of absence).

so i thought, maybe that is the answer. so i thought maybe i will sent an email and see if people write back.

but i got caught up in all the virus mess and did not make it. until today. so here is a rad ropes message.

some of us need to stay home for their personal safety. some of us want to stay home for the larger social safety.

some of us have a kernfamilie and the decisions around human contact is less complex. some of us dont and those decisions are more complex.

some of us enjoy having a break and being more by ourselves. some of us have a hard time to cope alone. some of us are bored.

some of us already know social isolation and are forced to deal with it as part of their daily lifes for mental or physical reasons.

some of us hits the social isolation as an unknown thing.

(some of us freeze at the border. some of us have no home. some of us have no safety in camps.)

what i decided for now is:

i can imagine to offer some rad ropes time with 2-5 people.

the space in the faq is big enough for everyone to spread out.

of course people who are close anyway can also be close there.

we could do self tying, learning in distance, share and talk about rope or also about how we are feeling in our lifes at the moment.

for those of you to who this feels like a good and right space.

as a piece in the puzzle of safety, contact, distancing and care in this current situation.

to offer community. as an option. to at least offer it.

so i will keep the existing dates and ask you to write to me beforehand to „register“ to see if people would come.

i will confirm you with an answer and only then will you know that the event takes place.

you can still try to contact me the same day as a late message two hours before its supposed to start,

i will make sure to check my messages before leaving.

i am sorry this email comes to late for the event on 25th march.

the remaining dates are

Sunday, 5th april, 2-5pm
Thursday, 23rd april 2020, 7-10pm
Saterday, 2nd may, 2-5pm
Monday, 18th of may 2020, 7-10pm*

or hit me up with a personal offer if you are 2-5 people.

also i decided to open the existing rad ropes mailing group for a digital exchange on how everyone is doing generally

and if and what rope activity is happening in your life. we could all share and read stories there.

if you have any technical questions about this or you are not in the group yet, simply email me.

wanting to participate or not, i am happy to hear your thoughts about this. these are single person decisions,

so i am happy to hear some collective thoughts on this. this offer is open to change, adapt or be cancelled. any ideas or needs?

beyond participating or feedback i am very happy to hear about how you are all doing and if there is rope happening in your life.

how is your heart? did you take online classes? how was your experiences with that?

sitting here way to late i realize its april fools day. so just making sure to say: this is not a joke.

last but not least i am senting you a huuuuuuuge mountain of loooooooove

take that love into your heart and cuddle it and share it with others

take care of yourself and each other

you may forward this message to all concerned and all them you want to make concerned.

xo irina

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