Rad Ropes – a tying event for genderqueers, non-binaries, inter* and trans* people, lesbians and womyn*


This here is the general invitation, also information/address about the space

Rad Ropes wants to create a feminist filled, cis-male free, consent loving space in which all bodies are beautiful to tie and get tied.
Cis-male people make good feminists as well and we do enjoy all-gender tying events that care about consent.
At the same time we also crave for spaces to learn, listen, share and tie with genderqueers, non-binaries, inter* and trans*people, lesbians and womyn* only.
This list of identities is and will always be incomplete. You all beyond cis-maleness, you are welcome, femmes and dykes and ex-genders and butches and questionings and tomboys and and and.

Rad Ropes wants to create a space for curious people to get in touch, for beginners to learn your first knot, for people already having a practice to develop and for all of them to mingle.
A space to get to know people, to be inspired, to explore about yourself and others, to share the differences and similarities of our passion for rope and within all of that create a feeling of community.
We will use a mix of different formats like an open skill share, specific workshops, free tying, discussions and fun rope games.
For any of these events, simply coming and watching is always welcome. These are non-sexual events without nudity. All events are single units, they don‘t built on each other unless stated.

Get involved: You have something you want to teach? You desire to learn a specific tie or about a specific topic? You want to discuss something together with others? Make us an offer, propose a topic for a workshop, tell us what you would like to talk about. We ll try to make it happen.
But first of all: come to the event and bring your shy friend.
Also we want to ask all of you with rope to donate your old suspension ropes (ongoing request) to have rope for people who don‘t bring any (it will be kept separate to make sure its only used for floor work). Thank you!

About entry prices: to keep the events accessible, the prices will always be sliding scale. So we will need everyone who can, to pay more in order that others can pay less. This will start as an experiment and we will see where it takes us.
Money will be used for the rent of space, getting material such as mats and practice rope, building hanging points and paying presenters.
There will also be an additional way to „pay“ presenters with them providing a list of things they like and attendees can bring this item instead of money, like a favorite cake or a self made pillow or that plant they always wanted to have.
Finally, whenever there is a surplus it will go to a collective fund that lends smaller amounts of money to (migrant) womyn* in emergency situations. Because connecting our passion for ropes with our passion for political activism and support makes our hearts grow fonder.

The space: the f.a.q. Infoshop in Neukölln, Jonasstr. 40, 12053 Berlin, U8 Leinestrasse, there are several rooms, we ll share the location with other people that night (but have our own room). It’s a ground floor, there is a ramp for the one stair and a wheel chair accessible toilet.

If you feel shy about coming, you are welcome to send us a message. We are happy to write to you or also meet you a little early before the event and talk to you.

Questions: write to us! We ll answer you as best we can.
Feedback: write to us! We feed on it, we are still growing.

ropes at riseup.net

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